Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adolf Loos OR Gustav Klimt

Assalamualaikum.... the simple understanding about the two philosophies.

Gustav Klimt-Secessionist - One off production

Adolf loos-Loos - Mass production

So, as an industrial designer I will prefer the loos is much better and suitable. Why I said that because, in Industrial design, we must design the object have aesthetics value but at the same time we must know about the production. However, the aesthetic value still must be have on the design, the element and principle also the main factor make a good design.

But if you only think about the aesthetics value,soul,impression of heart without thinking about mass production........How the destiny of product??
May be it still can be produce for one off production but are you sure? For the Industrial design, we must fulfil the need and demand from customers. So it is very important for me as an Industrial designer to design the product follow the market demand.

                                             Haus Wittgenstein-Student of Adolf Loos

Secessionist Ornamental Palace

So, based on the two design of architecture we can see the Loos and secessionist design. The secessionist we know that the subjective design has more the aesthetics value. So I tell you before, secessionist basically is one of production. They could not use a machine to make a building that why we see the building is full aesthetics value but how about the mass production??
Can they build the exactly same building at another place???
Is it practically for Industrial design following the secessionist???
For me, Loos is very practically for Industrial Design field.

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